Application for Scholarship Grants in Massachusetts

MBCS providesscholarship grants in Massachusetts. Learn more about them below.

DMin Scholarship Assistance 

To the Applicant

  1. Complete the application. 
  2. Read the Covenant of Agreement and sign. 
  3. Return the form to the school official to complete and sign. 
  4. If you are attending a New England Graduate School, you must have an interview with the Executive Secretary of MBCS. 
  5. The application deadline is July 31; the interviews are scheduled in August. 
  6. Grants are awarded once a year. 

Grant Criteria

  1. Be in a program that is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.
  2. Be a matriculated student.
  3. Be serving at least 19 hours a week in a recognized ministry in Massachusetts.
  4. Have a recognized ABC/USA ordination.
  5. Have standing in The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts.

Ernest H. Hatch & Charles F. Putnam Scholarship


  1. Meet the above grant criteria.
  2. Write a one-page essay on how you think your studies will enhance your particular ministry and bring it closer to a broader family of believers. The essay must be submitted at the time of your interview.

Return all application materials to the executive director. For further information, please contact: 

Douglas Tatreau 
Phone: (781) 664-4266 

You may also reach out to the Executive Secretary of MBCS for other concerns. 

History of MBCS

MBCS has been helping spouses and children of deceased American Baptist clergy since 1794, when the Warren Association voted to receive an annual collection for such purposes. MBCS was incorporated on February 3, 1821, when Mrs. Sparhawk bequeathed $1,000 for this compassionate ministry. 

Monthly grants are provided to spouses of deceased American Baptist clergy who have served in Massachusetts and currently have assets below $100,000 (not including home and car) and annual incomes below $48,000. 

Due to the faithfulness of individuals and congregations and the excellent stewarding of MBCS’ funds by the Investment Committee, in 1991, the society’s ministry expanded to include emergency grants to Baptist clergy for personal and/or family needs. The society often collaborates with the Conference of Baptist Ministers and the Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board (MMBB) to meet such needs. 

The Chapel in Napa Valley

Financial Grants Given 

Beginning in 1996, the Society initiated assistance to ordained American Baptist clergy to repay educational loans taken in preparation for ordained ministry. MBCS assists with education loan repayment grants to support TABCOM-ordained clergy serving in recognized ministries in Massachusetts to diminish indebtedness accumulated while achieving Master of Divinity degrees. 

In 2000, we began granting scholarship aid to Massachusetts American Baptist clergy in the process of receiving a DMin degree. These scholarships are solely for tuition and book expenses. Those enrolled in a Doctor of Ministry, Ph.D., Th.D., or S.T.M. degree program accredited by the Association of Theological Schools are eligible for these scholarships. In addition, there are two specially named scholarships, described below, for which one may also apply. 

Ernest H. Hatch & Charles F. Putnam Scholarships

Mr. Ernest H. Hatch faithfully and competently served MBCS as Treasurer and as a member of the Investment Committee for 17 years before his death in February 1999. Mr. Charles Putnam served as a wise steward of the Society’s investment portfolio for many years prior to his retirement in 1999. These scholarships, for $2,000 each, are in honor of their ministry to the MBCS and a broader body of believers.

Return all application materials to the Executive Director. For further information, you may contact: 

Douglas Tatreau 
69 Fort Point Rd 
North Weymouth, MA 02191 

Application for the Massachusetts Baptist Charitable Society – Confidential 

Purpose of the Education Grants

Grants from MBCS for repayment of education loans are meant to accelerate the repayment of clergy education loans undertaken in preparation for ordained ministry. They are not meant to replace regularly scheduled payments.

Criteria for Applicants for Grant Toward Repayment of Education Loans

  1. The applicant must meet the requirements of MBCS by-laws regarding ministry in Massachusetts and ordination (i.e., the applicant must have standing as an ordained American Baptist minister, be listed in the TABCOM directory, and currently serve in a recognized ministry in Massachusetts).
  2. The applicant must have graduated within the last ten (10) years from the degree program for which educational loans were obtained and remain unpaid (undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral programs).
  3. The applicants may apply every year for a grant, but no more than three annual grants will be given.
  4. The grants will range up to $2,500 per year based on the discretion of the Society’s Executive Committee and a completed application form (updated for those who are reapplying).
  5. The applications must be received by December 31. The grant amount will then be authorized at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the MBCS Executive Committee.

Please mail the completed application with any accompanying materials by December 31 of each year to: 

Douglas Tatreau 
69 Fort Point Rd 
North Weymouth, MA 02191 
(781) 664-4266

Application for Grant Towards Educational Loans - Confidential Information